Banksia by the sea

CanonD pics up to 3 Feb 2014 to EDEN NSW 241
Walking through the bush toward the coast.
CanonD pics up to 3 Feb 2014 to EDEN NSW 255
Native Banksia growing by the sea.
CanonD pics up to 3 Feb 2014 to EDEN NSW 253
Lovely Banksias: The plants in the family Proteaceae, have many beautiful and well-known representatives in Africa and Australia. Banksia is a well-known Australian genus. The bottle brush has attractive flowers and remarkable cone-like fruits. 
Interestingly, there are no important food crops originating from Australia, despite its large area and range of climatic zones. In the family Proteaceae, Macadamia is the most internationally-significant food plant of any Australian native species; it’s very fat-rich nuts (75%) are widely available and much appreciated.
CanonD pics up to 3 Feb 2014 to EDEN NSW 242
The Banksias grow along the dramatic coastline of the Victorian South Coast, Australia.
CanonD pics up to 3 Feb 2014 to EDEN NSW 254
Some years ago seeds from this lovely Banksia were collected and planted in good soil. The plants are now establishing but yet to flower.

So once again, patience is needed.

The Bible says that God’s Word is like seed…..






My garden is full of delights! It fills the senses with beauty, color and wonder. It helps me to understand beautiful truths about God, the Creator of heaven and earth.

2 thoughts on “Banksia by the sea

    1. Yes, banksia is fascinating. Blogging is also widening my knowledge of plants and to learn more. I have always loved Proteas and the Australian Waratah. Then, our Macadamia is also linked in this group. So much to learn and enjoy! Don’t know how long young Banksias take to flower, will be exciting when they do 😊

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