Lavish beauty…

A change is happening. The dormancy of winter’s bare branches and sleeping foliage is springing to life. A new display of beauty and brilliant color draws our admiration. Camellias, rhododendrons and bursting white buds of the plum, to name a few.  Tho still cold and wet, Spring ‘Down Under’ is almost here.

RhododendronRhododendron (above) Camellias (below)


DA974AB4-FA2F-421E-B195-E7BB908BE167….  delicate beauty



Rhododendron budding…



Plum blossom




Any work of art reveals something of the heart that moved the hand to create it. The intricate beauty, design and life displayed in these beautiful flowers speaks of the Almighty Hand of God that created Life.


 If you feel so inclined, click here to enjoy the inspirational song of Nicole Mullen, “I know my Redeemer lives – To God be the Glory”.






My garden is full of delights! It fills the senses with beauty, color and wonder. It helps me to understand beautiful truths about God, the Creator of heaven and earth.

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