Mulberry leaves, Silkworms and Mulberries

Our first mulberries….


but let me start at the beginning….

The tree was bought to supply mulberry leaves for my latest acquisition…..  one hundred and seventy-eight silkworm eggs!

The new tree was about five feet high and was thought to be adequate for the food supply. Little did we know!


The modest supply of eggs obtained hatched almost one hundred percent. You can see the developing silkworm inside the egg in the macro photo above. Below: young silkworms and the next photo is a macro.



However, extremely enthusiastic munching of the tasty mulberry leaves and the resulting very rapid growth of the grubs demanded I search for mulberry leaves farther afield.

It wasn’t long before our car boot was full of juicy mulberry leaves offered by a kind donor in the country. And so the munching continued…


Fatter…. and fatter they grew. The boxes were increased until the living area was filled with many more boxes of fat silkworms!



After they could eat no more, the silkworms started wandering around looking for a suitable place to spin.



Once the silkworm found just the right place the task began.

Spinning so cleverly with glistening silk thread the silkworm completely housed itself in a beautiful cocoon, where an amazing miracle of change took place!

Eventually a beautiful moth emerged from the cocoon!  With much fluttering the males each found a female who subsequently laid many eggs.


… and the Cycle starts all over again!

The silkworm is a wonderful creature! It’s amazing Life Cycle is a series of miracles. It is an absorbing and fascinating experience to observe this amazing journey in detail.

I have shared several photos here, but if you would like to, you may visit my blog, Amazing Silkworms which is detailed with many more photographs and information not shared fully here.

Amazing Silkworms:


We observe, we wonder…. but human beings cannot create these miracles.

As a person of faith in The Creator God, the things I observe around me in nature, the things that the Holy Bible declares that God has made, direct my gaze to Almighty God in awe, humility and praise.



Footnote: I discovered a very interesting blog about mulberry farming in Hanoi. My handful of mulberries has paled to insignificance! However, as space in my garden is at a premium, I am attempting to “bonsai” our mulberry tree in a large crate.


My garden is full of delights! It fills the senses with beauty, color and wonder. It helps me to understand beautiful truths about God, the Creator of heaven and earth.

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